Explain Everything Tutorial!

Teacher Use: Teachers can use this in a way similar that i have used for this tutorial of the website. The way that I have demonstrated in the video is to assist students once they have left the classroom. The combo of the screen recorder and the explain everything whiteboard, creates a great resource for students to watch outside of class. The teacher is capable of displaying what they are doing on the screen, while also being able to add dialogue to the video. The teacher could use this as an example to show how to work through difficult math problems. During this time of a pandemic going on in the world right now, this is a great way for students to feel as if they were in the classroom with the teacher still. Teachers should not feel afraid to use applications that they are not familar with. These two apps were very easy to navigate and with some practice, teachers can do some great work by using these two great resources.

Student Use: Students can use this as a way to show their work on their homework. Lets say for example that students are not understanding the material being presented in class. Students could work together to work on a problem, then they can submit it to their teacher, and the teacher can see their process of thinking. Students could do this to explain what it is that they are thinking, and the teacher can then analyze it and see what needs correcting. This application is a good use for students to explain their thinking on a question in science. If students wanted to demonstrate the water cycle or the rock cycle, the white board is a great way to show their work. Once the students have finished whatever it is they are working on, students can then save it and then share with their students. Lastly, students can use this to show their work as they work through their homework. If a student comes to class the next day, and gets only 40% right, the white board is great way to see their thinking. Students can work problems out, save their work, and then the teacher can see where it is they went wrong.



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